Modesty in today’s movies

I’m interested in having a post that has tons of comments. So I thought I would combine a couple popular M* posts and see how it goes.

Voldemort’s views on modesty….


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  1. Well, this is important. You can see Voldemort is always clothed in what looks like a mirror image of what one would wear in a certain section of the temple, we’ll call his ensemble the black shield of the false priesthood. Next, he is violently opposed to adopting the fashions of the non-magic world. Finally, he does not believe the unbelievers should be trained, married, or associated with. And will go so far as to preach those who marry them deserve death. So in some ways, you can see he is a mirror image of righteousness, only from an evil perspective.

  2. But he generally dressed modestly, no?

    I mean, how many death eaters do you see walking around in tight robes, or with their pants sagging? Yes, they are into tattoos, but it is more of a social club type of tattoo, one that says, “I belong to the Fraternal Order of Voldemort”.

  3. He wasn’t modest when he was incarnated. That was the full Monty. And he didn’t really seem to care. I’d say he was uninterested in the body at all except for the power it afforded him.

    And Geoff . . . don’t mock the dress robes. Them’s HAWT.

  4. If I understand yesterday’s post, the complaint was that his face did not decently veil his soul but instead revealed it naked.

  5. As the actor who played Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) said in a recent interview, “Girls in general are scarier than Voldemort.” I think its important to point out this is the reason why it’s so much more important for girls to be modest. Even an immodest girl can have more of an effect on a young man’s than Voldemort!

  6. Given that the subject of M* for the last week or so has been Harry Potter, I would like to just set the record straight. According to the book and the movie, Ron’s robes were out of fashion leftover robes used by men in the olden days, not women’s robes. Remember the Weasleys are very poor but an old wizarding family. So, they have lots of old traditions and leftovers, especially because Ron is the youngest male child.

    As for walking around in women’s clothing, well, as Monty Python would say, I am a lumberjack and I’m OK.

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