Matthew Brown – RIP

Yesterday seemed to be a bad day for great men passing on.  In the shadow of Steve Jobs’ death, we hear of the early passing of Matthew Brown.

Matthew was a scholar in LDS history.  I’ve heard him speak on occasion, and exchanged emails over the years with him.  He was always a gentleman, and always at the top of his game.

Of his many books I’ve read (or  consumed), I would probably pick his first book, Symbols in Stone as my favorite.  He gave a wonderfully detailed description of many of the symbolic items in the Salt Lake Temple, and their meaning.

There is a memorial fund at FAIR, where you can donate to assist the family.


3 thoughts on “Matthew Brown – RIP

  1. That was Matt Brown? Interesting. I vaguely knew him in the early 90’s but not like I knew many of the other FARMS folks back then. Of course I’ve lost contact with nearly all of them.

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