March Ensign Tidbits

We received the March Ensign today. Some interesting tidbits.

  1. An article on Belle Spafford, RS General President for 30 years, p.44-50. This should generate several posts (or at least comments) from those highly sensitive to the inclusion or exclusion of such things. Expect both praise and criticism.
  2. An announcement on the Church’s new adaptation of building plans for areas with limited space on the ground, p. 76-77. We’re building upwards, as in multi-story chapels, which will resemble certain temples in outline. A pre-announcement of this in Japanese (with pictures) appeared a few months back, with comparisons to the Logan Temple, Notre Dame, and the Cathedrale Saint Jean. I don’t read Japanese, but saw it on this thread Very interesting development. I sometimes find the announcements in the back of the Ensign the most interesting part.
  3. There are selections from the Sixth International Art Competition. The entry on the bottom of p. 42 is the infamous Stele 5. However, it’s labeled only as “Lehi’s Dream by Damaris Puga de Garcia (Guatemala).” No misplaced pseduo-apologetics here.
  4. Some less-than-thorough logic appears on p.16, based on the phrase “God is the same yesterday today and forever,” as recently discussed on T&S. “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so if He had called prophets anciently, why would He not call them today?” I pray that both the missionaries and the good brother (who converted in 1964 and is telling the story) can see the difficulties in that argument when coupled with the LDS doctrine of an apostasy lasting 1000+ prophet-less years and restoration.

An interesting Ensign to read through this month.

3 thoughts on “March Ensign Tidbits

  1. Re. #4: I have found that Church-published materials not infrequently make absolutist claims that are not well thought through. All too often it seems that the preference is to simply state the conventional wisdom rather than ask thoughtful questions that lead to deeper understanding.

    This is sadly true of both the Ensign and the Sunday School materials.

  2. What does that mean, that “Church-published materials not infrequently make absolutist claims that are not well thought hrough…….the preference is to simply state the convential wisdom…..”?
    With regard to the “absolutist claim” that God is the same, yesterday, and forever, please see:
    Malachi 3:6: 2 Nephi 27:23; Alma 7:20; Mormon 9:9; Moroni 8:18; D&C 20:12; D&C 35:1
    All state, in one form or another, “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever”.
    It is my opinion, and mine only, that those scriptures speak of God being the same Being whom Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worshipped, NOT that he never changes what He says to men, which interpretation is contradicted again and again by Him.

  3. j.jamison #2: Well, I think Ben’s #4 is a good example. And I would also point to the insistence that the Flood was global in nature. But that discussion has been done to death.

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