7 thoughts on “Israel to adopt “lost tribe”

  1. A bit of a threadjack, but Joseph Smith is also a a member of the Super Best Friends, along with Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Lao Tzu and Sea Man, on South Park.

    South Park Episode 68

  2. On South Park last week there was an other Mormon joke with only Mormons being allowed into heaven until Kenny was let in.

  3. Our local NPR station had an interview with the author of a book on Jews in the South, and someone called in with a story of a local American Indian tribe that claimed to be Jewish. It took me a while to realize that the article linked above was talking about Asian Indians as opposed to Native Americans.

  4. Groups with Jewish roots have also been identified in Africa and China. There have been some interesting results regarding genetic markers specific to one of the groups of priests (Cohen).

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