Let’s say you’re out running, or walking, or whatever, and you get hit by a car. Let’s also say you’re injured quite badly. Fortunately for you, the car that hit you also happens to be an ambulance. The EMTs are able to attend to your immediate needs and whisk you to a nearby hospital. The doctors at the hospital tell you that if the car that hit you hadn’t been an ambulance you would have certainly died.

As you are saying your prayers that night, what do you say to God about the accident?

PS: There is no right answer, nor am I trying to trick you into saying, or not saying, something. Just tell me what you honestly think you would say to God about it.

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  1. Certainly thanks for one more day on earth is appropriate. And the reminder of my mortality and the blessing of life, since the accident is likely to have focused my attention on what is most important in life. But I suppose what you’re getting at is, do I thank God that the ambulance was there to save me, or complain that the ambulance hit me in the first place?

    I would thank God that the ambulance was there to save me. Every day, every minute we have here on earth is a gift from God. Tragedy strikes us all. When its full force is felt, we should pray for comfort and the wisdom to learn what God would have us learn. When for some reason its full force is deflected, we should thank God for that blessing and seek to learn humility without being compelled to be humble.

    Neither gratitude nor criticism will affect God much. But I have found that the more grateful I am for everything in my life, good or bad, the more likely I am to keep a more eternal perspective toward the trials of mortality. Being too picky about what I am thankful for is unlikely to lead to a good outlook on life.

  2. I just thank God for being alive and for the trials in my life, and can he give me strength to endure…

  3. If I was ready to go, I ask “why didn’t you take me?”, if I wasn’t (and I’m not) I’d say “Thanks for giving me more time!”

  4. Heavenly Father, please let the recovery process be long and painful so I can get lots of attention, and I thank thee for inventing lawyers, please help me win my case.

  5. I would say thank you Lord for the time off work, the hospital rest, the provision of a temporal boon and of course the spiritual wake-up call.

    I would file an action against the ambulance and parent company seeking damages for lost wages, medical bills, and intentional confliction of spiritual distress.

    I may even hire that lawyer on TV who can get me a big settlement since I’m not a PI attorney.

  6. haha! Lawyers indeed.
    I would thank Heavenly Father that he granted me my life instead of letting it end.

  7. Fun question, Davis. I eventually decided I just wouldn’t mention the accident in my prayers.

  8. I say “Thanks, Father, for putting me in this hospital, surrounded by all these cute Filipina nurses!”

  9. Yes indeed life is a gift, but I wonder why so many of us say “thanks for another day” when we believe (or do we really?) that yonder is so much better than life here on earth.

    Perhaps my prayer would be, “Lord, what am I yet to learn, or whom am I yet to help?”

  10. I’d say: “HF, this sounds like an excellent submission for the Ensign…or even source material for an Elder Monson talk. Should I contact my agent tonight, or wait until Monday?”

  11. “HF, I had a really wierd day today. I got hit by a car… actually, an ambulance. Now, I’m really bummed about that. I hope it was part of the plan and was something necessary, because otherwise the next couple of months will basically just be wasted. I hope I’ll be able to use them well, read some good books, and recover quickly. Help me to do what is needed.

    I am really grateful, though, that if I had to be hit by a car it was *that* car. It’s nice to be alive tonight.”

  12. Just this weekend I read something by John McPhee in which a woman described herself as lucky, so lucky that she pulled into service stations and then had flat tires. It occured to me that some people wouldn’t recognize that as luck.

  13. On a more serious note, I have had a number of experiences where we prayed we would be able to make it to a gas station only to have the car die at the pump or even to coast up to the pump.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence in spiritual matters.

  14. so lucky that she pulled into service stations and then had flat tires. It occured to me that some people wouldn’t recognize that as luck.

    I’d recognize it as gas stations generating business. “Let’s put that nail right….. here …. this time.”

  15. I suppose I should note that similar situations come up regularly in my prayers.

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