Help will be needed after the Colorado floods

Highway 7

This photo is of a pleasant mountain road just a few miles west of my house. The road is now destroyed.

Something to think about: almost all of the roads into the mountains in Colorado are now blocked. Thousands of people live up there. They are dealing with constant rain, constant floods, overflowing rivers and lakes.

To see some of the damage, go to this link.

Boulder, just a few miles from this road, got nine inches of rain in one day. The previous record was less than five inches.

This picture is of the Interstate just a few miles east of my house:

I-25 closure

Think about this: the entire area gets its supplies from this interstate. How are the trucks going to get through?

Check out this mobile home park in Weld county:

mobile homes

Several cities are already warning that the sewage systems are backed up. Some are turning off water to avoid contamination. Others are issuing “boil water” warnings.

There are stories of entire families trapped in the mountains. The helicopters cannot fly because of the rain. The entire city of Lyons had to be evacuated by the National Guard.

The Geoff B household will be OK because we live in a high area away from the rivers. We have a whole-house generator (installed two years ago) and plenty of food storage and water.

Now do you understand the importance of food storage? (Some of my friends have made fun of me as a “prepper” because I keep food storage.)

I am guessing the Church is already mobilizing to help people in northern Colorado. We will need it. Our ward has organized people to call their home teaching families. Most people in our ward are fine. But the problems related to this flood will be affecting the area for months to come.

And more rain is on the way.

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  1. I just saw on that Fort Collins was in trouble too. I’m glad to hear you’re doing all right.

  2. Maybe God’s displeased with the Marijuana laws. Hope no one died because they were too stoned to get out of a low-lying area…

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