Guess that Prominent Mormon

It’s time for a new feature: Guess that Prominent Mormon!

Who am I?The prominent Mormon pictured at the left was traveling incognito. In 1884, he was serving as president of the Southern States Mission when two of his missionaries in Tennessee were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. Their bodies had been unceremoniously buried, and he risked his life to retrieve them so they could be returned to Utah. He was so pleased with his tramp disguise and successful effort that this photograph became one of his prize possessions. Who was he?

Once someone has guessed correctly, feel free to add any additional information you like about this person. (Future editions of this feature may or may not include pictures.)

7 thoughts on “Guess that Prominent Mormon

  1. Your very own copy of this prized photograph.

    To claim your prize, right-click on the picture and select “Save Picture As…”

  2. I enjoyed The Mormon Doctrine of Deity. He totally schooled that Van Der Donckt guy.

    I think there would be some value to GA’s taking up such projects today – engaging in extended written discussions with ministers of other faiths. It could go a long ways in both defending the Mormon position as well as clarifying misconceptions among both members and non-members.

  3. B.H. Roberts is my favorite. I love this guy. Some interesting facts:
    back in the 60’s or 70’s the Mormon historian Leonard Arrington had several Mormon scholars vote on who they thought the leading mormon intellectual in Mormon history was (excluding Joseph Smith). B.H. got the most votes.

    Something I love about Roberts is what a scrapper he was. He was a tough fiesty guy. He was raised in a bar in England for a few years by lousy foster parents, and he would memorize dirty songs and sing them and dance for tips from the patrons. After he came to Utah he lead a rough life in his teens as a coal miner. During these days his homeward bishop tried to excommunicate him (can’t remember if it went through), and upon hearing this, B.H. said something like “well if Bishop so-and-so wants me out of the church, then I’m out of the church.”

  4. Roberts is one of the coolest figures in Mormon history, and I especially love this picture. I wish we had more “Bad to the Bone” GA pictures, or at least, non-suit real-life pictures.

    That BH, he’s one bad mu… Shutcho mouth!… But I’m talkin about BH! … I can dig it.

  5. lol, Ben. If B.H. is my favorite G.A., Shaft is my favorite funk song. So good to see the two finally becoming one.

  6. Not that anyone cares, but I realized my post #4 reads like “B.H. is awesome because he was really rowdy and contrary.” I didn’t mean it, I promise I didn’t. I just got excited someone was talking about him, so I picked a couple random, unedited examples from his life.
    The reason I rarely post on blogs is because it is hard for me to write something clear, interesting, and original. Given how prolific some of you are, you must either be geniuses (I know this is what you think answer is, and hey, you’re probably right) or put a lot of time into this. Either way, I commend you. Actually, I am really impressed with how smart, honest, thoughtful, rational, and articulate some of you peeps are, and I appreciate the time you put into your posts.

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