3 thoughts on “D&C Lesson11: “The Field is White, Already to Harvest”

  1. Immigrants in the US are often willing to receive a free Book of Mormon in their native language and English. I describe some encounters at http://indybooks.blogspot.com/.

    I like to patronize ethnic restaurants and grocery stores. I love exploring exotic foods. I find the owners are most often receptive to an offer of a free Book of Mormon and/or Bible in their language, plus maybe an English copy for them to compare.

    Gas stations are often immigrant-owned or staffed; and if there are no other customers in line, the cashiers are usually willing to chat.

    Asking people where they are from and what languages they speak is a good way to break the ice and start a conversation. From there it is easy to segue into “my church has a free book in Swahili” or whatever it is that they speak.

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