2 thoughts on “D&C Lesson 7: First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel

  1. You created somewhat of a tautology when you said, “Without repentance, we remain stagnant and unable to develop faith in Christ”. This might need a little more explanation. Also, I think you might need to define what you mean by “grace” at the end.

  2. Scott,
    Repentance means change. Refusing to repent means spiritual stagnation. One cannot progress into the heavens without changing oneself. This is exactly what the process of Faith in Christ, Repentance, Ordinances, Holy Ghost is all about. It is a process that changes us.
    The grace that is referenced in D&C 93 refers to spiritual growth and perfections. As we go through the process of changing, God bestows upon us greater spiritual blessings (grace), stronger guidance from the Spirit, perhaps even the 2nd Comforter. Eventually, we become holy, even as Christ is holy.

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