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Steven Covey was recently interviewed by a productivity / organization blog called ZenHabits. He was asked by the interviewer what his “typical morning routine on a work day” was. He mentions some cool things…

Covey: I make an effort every morning to win what I call the “private victory.” I work out on a stationary bike while I am studying the scriptures for at least 30 minutes. Then I swim in a home pool vigorously for 15 minutes, then I do yoga in a shallow part of the pool for 15 minutes. Then I go into my library and pray with a listening spirit, listening primarily to my conscience while I visualize the rest of my entire day, including important professional activities and key relationships with my loved ones, working associates and clients.

He then goes on to Quote President McKay:

One of my favorite quotes is, “The greatest battles of life are fought out every day in the silent chambers of one’s own soul.” (David O. McKay) Much of this listening and visualizing work is very challenging, so I win the private victory when I have made my mind up and commit to live by correct principles and to serve worthy purposes.

Very cool to hear how one of the “effective” ones gets things done each day.

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8 thoughts on “Cool Covey Comments

  1. I think I’m going to throw up from exhaustion just reading this post. I loved and have read many times Covey’s book “Spiritual Roots of Human Relations.” He’s got a point. But doesn’t it make anybody else tired, all this trying?

    I read Hyrum Smith’s wife’s book and while I found the story of their romance entrancing, I was less enthralled with how their family got up earlier and earlier to accomplish stuff. I was thinking, “heck, why go to bed at all?”

    I like CS Lewis’ “worshipping and following God in an easier, less worried way.”

    No offense at all. To anyone.

  2. Anne, it is possible that one does these things in a joyful, purposeful way without worry or self-incrimination. No offense taken, this type of a life isn’t for everyone.

  3. I’m reminded of this quotation from Martin Luther, which I like a lot:

    “Work, work, from morning until late at night. In fact, I have so much to do that I shall have to spend the first three hours in prayer.”
    ~ Martin Luther

  4. I agree with Kent. Personal victories are much easier when you have you own pool. Not that I am jealous. OK, I will not get through the eye of the needle. What can I say.

  5. Clark, A very ungenerous comment. Would you have made that comment in priesthood meeting about a member of your ward? What if it was resolved and in the past?

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