Conference Announcement


“Faith and Knowledge: Latter-day Saints in Religious Studies”
A Conference for LDS Graduate Students in Religion
Yale Divinity School, Yale University
February 2007 (exact dates TBA)

The audience and participants for this conference will be primarily LDS graduate
students studying in divinity schools, Religious Studies programs or who are
pursuing other disciplines relevant to Mormon thought, doctrine and

This conference will be a forum for discussion of issues relating to Mormon
doctrine, culture and scholarship that arise while pursuing graduate studies in
religion. It will be an open forum where students of divergent points of view
will be free to express their concerns, questions, and thoughts and report
their progress in reaching productive outcomes. We anticipate raising
questions of how religious studies may enrich, while challenging, our faith as
Latter-day Saints, and what can we bring to the issues under debate in
religious scholarship.

We anticipate that the conference will include four panel discussions each
consisting of three panelists and a moderator and will focus on specific
related topics. Each panelist will present for 15 to 20 minutes and then ample
time will be set aside for questions and discussion of the presentations.
Richard L. Bushman, Gouverneur Morris Professor of History Emeritus at Columbia
University, will provide the keynote address for the conference.

We invite those who are interested in participating in this conference to
propose topics for panels as well as individual presentations to the organizing
committee relevant to the intersections of faith and knowledge in graduate
studies in religion for LDS graduate students. Such proposals should not
exceed one paragraph and should be sent to the organizing committee via email to
ariel [dot] bybee [at] duke [dot] edu by August 1, 2006. Some limited funding will be available
for travel, board, and meals of conference participants.

Members of the Organizing Committee: Richard Bushman (Columbia University),
Ariel Bybee Laughton (Duke University), Seth Payne (Yale University), and
Taylor Petrey (Harvard University)

6 thoughts on “Conference Announcement

  1. I’m sure they can attend. I don’t know about participation, if that’s what you mean. I’ll ask Ariel, as she’ll be in Chicago for a few days starting today.

  2. More information will be coming out about this conference shortly.
    Just a clarification, the conference is primarily by and for LDS graduate students in Religion. There is a cap on the number of people who can attend. There may be a few spots for people who do not fit into this category.

  3. As one who is quickly loosing his testimony, I would love to come and tackle some of the tough issues. Would anyone like to carpool from Harvard?

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