Church Ball Trailer Goes Live

Click the title of the post to go to the trailer. Two observations:

1. I laughed. It looks funny. Maybe there are only 60 seconds of funny material in the movie, but that’s something.

2. Somebody back me up here: as the camera pans during the opening prayer, the very first guy you see on the non-uniformed team, very quickly, is the also present on the farm where Napoleon asks “Do the chickens have sharp talons?” Anybody?

(hat tip: A Motley Vision)

21 thoughts on “Church Ball Trailer Goes Live

  1. 1. It looks deeply unfunny.
    2. Yeah, that’s the guy. He’s also the guy who shotgunned the cow.

  2. Sorry, but I don’t find prayer to be a matter for ridicule. That some are not reverent is obvious, and not only at a basketball game. But it is not something that I enjoy having people poke fun at.

  3. OK – perhaps I’m just weird, but when it said “starring Gary Coleman”, my first thought was “How did they get a General Authority to star in the movie”?

    (yeah, yeah I know they mean that 80s actor guy who ran for Governor of Califronia recently and lost).

  4. I’m told that Gary Coleman, the 4’8″ black guy, now lives in Utah–Santaquin or some place like that.

  5. Ya I agree.. this is most unfunny.

    Stop having fun all you Saints out there.. why don’t you all be pius like Joseph Smith.. .oh wait.. he liked to have fun and wrastle with the boys…

    Hmmm… so remind me again why so many Saints are such sticks in the mud???

  6. porter –

    the difference, Joe Smith enjoyed good jokes and real fun. This movie looks to be made of lame jokes and unfunny fun.

    (For the record – I liked the R.M. movie by this same company, but have not enjoyed any of their other movies. Single’s Ward was harmless but humorless, while I thpught the movie The Home Teachers was a true disaster on film. But because of the R.M. movie, I hold out hope they could make another decent movie).

  7. To be clear, I said it was unfunny not because I was offended, but because it didn’t come close to making me laugh. Though I will fight to the death for El Jefe’s right to be outraged!

    But I don’t think that someone who laughed beginning to end through the South Park Joseph Smith episode can fairly be characterized as a stick in the mud.

  8. And I proudly claim to never have watched a movie made for a Mormon audience that wasn’t forced on me by a seminary teacher, Sunday School teacher, or temple worker in the course of their duties.

    My dad, however, did tell me that he watched the recent Book of Mormon movie based on 1 Nephi (a double date with some couple in his ward). He compared it to getting hit in the eye with a racquetball.

  9. There is no more painful cinematic experience in my memory than the Book of Mormon movie.

    gst, as a leading humorist in the Bloggernacle, I respect your opinion. But come on– the last reaction shot from that guy after he sees the skirted dude slam the basketball is funny.

  10. It looks kind of lame. I’ll skip it. Too bad because church basketball is definitely worth a laugh. It looks like they tried to go too far away from the insanity that really is church ball, making it merely stupid.

  11. I remain unconvinced that Joseph Smith would not have laughed at a good Three Stooges episode had he seen one. Slapstick is one form of humor… sometimes I think it is funny, sometimes not. I love playing church ball, so I suspect I may well find this vein of slapstick humor pretty funny, I will have to see the movie to be sure.

    One’s definition of “good jokes and real fun” can be pretty subjective. What I love about some posters on this thread is that their refined sense of humor clearly makes them a better saint than I, and that they know exactly what Joseph Smith found funny, and what he did not.

  12. Good grief.

    Based on the comments here it is no wonder why M* has a fuddy duddy reputation.

    I laughed at the trailer. I watched it a couple of times. It looks like the best Halestorm movie since the RM to me. (I agree with Ivan that the Home Teachers was a complete disaster). Perhaps we just have a bunch of non hoopsters commenting here? As a lifelong church baller I am looking forward to this one. Nice pull Ryan.

  13. porter –

    I love three stooges. JS would likely have enjoyed three stooges. THe CHurch Ball trailer was still unfunny.

    Your comments indicate that YOU are somehow a superior saint/person than the rest of us becuase you’re (apparently) not so uptight. Yet you are (not so -paradoxically) very uptight about humor.

    Me, if the trailer makes you laugh – more power too ya. It does not mean I have to enjoy it, but I have no real problem with others enjoying it. Just please stop being so self-righteous about substandard movies.

  14. Right on, #7 and #14.

    Not funny. Though the dude’s reaction at the end is funny.

  15. I think it’s mildly funny. But I’m optimistic; anything with Fred Willard has a lot of potential.

  16. But what’s funnier than Fred Willard? I’ll tell you: Fred Willard with an eyepatch. Comedy gold.

  17. Ouch, that looks awwwwful. The last scene was funny, and I like the bewildered look on the mustachioed guy in the beginning — but seeing Gary Coleman run through a big guy’s legs, or get slammed against the glass?

    And I can’t think of a single halfway-decent movie that had an awful trailer. Anyone?

  18. I can’t think of one Mormon-centric movie that I’ve not wanted to turn off halfway through. Is it so new that LDS filmakers are still getting their bearings, because all of it is awful.

  19. Anyone else here this was shot in Australia, actually I dont know if thats true, just that i saw Gary Coleman over here and was curious why he would be.

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