April 2015 General Conference: Priesthood session

Pres. Monson presides
Pres. Uchtdorf conducts

BYU Choir sings: “For the Strength of the Hills.”

Invocation: David L. Beck of the YM

Choir sings: “On This Day of Joy and Gladness.”

Elder Ballard

We need the greatest generation of missionaries in the history of the Church. World is more challenging. Young people have many more distractions. Technology has expanded and almost everyone has access to handheld devices for good and ill.

I speak to missionaries now serving, future missionaries, returned missionaries and all single adults.

Interviewed by bishops and stake presidents. You may not be interviewed by a GA. But a member of the Quorum of the 12 assigns every missionary to a specific mission. Your photograph comes up on a computer screen together with specific information. We review your answers to the missionary recommendation questions. For that moment, it seems like you are responding to us. Then we assign you. It is not the same as a face to face interview, but it is close.

We also do videoconferencing.

We need your whole heart and soul. We need young adults who are willing to listen to the Spirit. It is time to raise the bar for your entire generation.

Answer these questions:

–Do you read the scriptures?
–Do you kneel in prayer?
–Do you fast and donate a fast offering each month?
–Do you think deeply about the Savior during the Sacrament?
–Do you try to keep the Sabbath day holy?
–Are you honest at home, church and work?
–Do you avoid looking at pornography and photos that might embarrass you?
–Are you careful with your time? (Avoid Tinder and Snapchat).
–Is there anything in your life you need to change and fix beginning tonight?

Please courageously repent if you are lacking anything in these areas.

Additional counsel: RM does not mean retired Mormon. Do things of your own free will. Visit people who are lonely, sick and discouraged. Continue to learn and grow and receive inspiration.

Four new courses in Institute. Young Single Adults need to date and marry. Don’t text, use your own voice to introduce yourself. To actually hear a voice may shock her, perhaps into saying yes.
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April 2015 General Conference: Saturday afternoon session

Some notes from the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. They are very incomplete, because as it always happens Mom, that’s me, was on duty most part of the time.

For a better summary follow the link to the Conference summary provided by the Church, HERE.

In this session the statistical reports and sustaining of Church officers were taken care of.

The General Young Men’s presidency was released and a new presidency was called. The new Presidency is:
Steven W. Owen, President
Douglas D. Holmes, 1st Councilor
Monte J. Brough, 2nd Councilor

There was also a change in the General Primary Presidency. Sister Jean Stevens was released in anticipation for going to serve with her husband as a mission president. Sister Cheryl Esplin was also released. Sister Esplin was then called to be the new first councilor, and Sister Mary L. Durham is the new second councilor. Continue reading

LDS General Conference-Saturday morning session

Notes on the Saturday morning session of General Conference

Presiding: President Monson
Conducting: President Uchtdorf

Speakers: Pres Eyring, Pres Packer, Sister Burton, Elder Oaks, Elder Clayton, Elder Perry

Opening Hymn: Glory to God on High
Invocation: Elder Timothy J. Dykes, Quorums of 70

President Eyring: In a future day, we will see the Savior, and he will say to those on his right hand, “Come into my Father’s kingdom. I was hungry and ye fed me, thirsty and ye gave me to drink….” Continue reading

The Burial of Jesus Christ

Because he lives SaturdayEach day this week, as part of the Church’s #BecauseHeLives Easter initiative, there will be a new question, meme, and/or video that members can share with their friends. Today is Saturday of the Holy Week and the focus of today’s devotional is the burial of Jesus Christ. The scriptures are quiet about the events of Saturday after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Likely, it was a time of reflection for His followers, just as it can be for His followers today. What things are possible in your life because of Jesus Christ? Share your answer with your social networks, and see what others are saying at http://mor.mn/2qtmz.

We hope you join us back here today and tomorrow to share your thoughts on General Conference and Easter.

Good Friday: The Crucifixion and Burial of Christ

Because he lives FridayEach day this week, as part of the Church’s #BecauseHeLives Easter initiative, there will be a new question, meme, and/or video that members can share with their friends. Today is Friday of the Holy Week and the focus of today’s devotional is the Crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ. You can find out more about Jesus Christ at http://mor.mn/2puvc.

Here in New Mexico kids are out of school today for Good Friday. I’m very glad, because it gave us some extra time this morning with our daily “scripture-picture”. Each morning over the course of this week, we have focused on the events of the Holy Week. This morning as I sat down next to my kids, my six year old asked if we were going to learn about Jesus on the cross today. Yes, kiddo, we sure are! Continue reading