Open Thread: Inauguration 2009

On this historic day when President-Elect Barack Obama will take the oath of office to become the 44th President of the United States, and the first African-American to serve as president, I wanted to give our M* readers an opportunity to share their thoughts and impressions of this historic day.

If you are stuck at work like I am, unable to watch the proceedings on television, you can watch ABC News online by clicking here.

Please be respectful and “bi-partisan” in your comments. 🙂 Comments that are deemed inappropriate or overly partisan will be deleted without hesitation.

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A special fast

Over the years, I have been impressed with the members of the Bloggernacle who have reached out to those in need.

Today I am posting a request from one of the people I home teach to join in a special fast for a family member injured in an accident. Here is the text of the email she sent me today:

Hi everyone,

Melody and Brett’s oldest, Carter (age 15), was hit by a truck at 9:00 this morning while riding his bike.  It was the truck’s fault.  Carter was not wearing his helmet and has sustained head injuries.  He is in the UMC trauma center pediatric ICU.  His vitals are good but he is in a coma and has been unconscious since the accident.  He has had a CAT scan but Melody is waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon as to the results.  I am going to go to Las Vegas later tonight.

Mike had a great idea to have a family fast.  If we ever needed one, it’s tomorrow.  Their names have been called in to the temple here and Mike and Diane have called their names in to the Snowflake temple.

I’ll keep you posted as I hear anything.

Please keep Carter and his family in your thoughts and prayers. The family appreciates those who can join them in their fast tomorrow.

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Prop 102 in Arizona: “One man. One woman. That’s marriage.”

In the short time leading up to historic votes in Arizona, California and Florida, I find myself pondering the issue of same-gender marriage and the counsel from the Brethren to “maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.”

Here in Arizona, the radio and television commercials in support of Prop 102 proclaim simply, “One Man. One woman. That’s marriage.”

The proposed change to the Arizona state constitution reads, “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in this state.”
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All I ask is that the candidates court me until the bitter end.

 [My first political post in a long, long while.  This is my one statement on the current campaign.  Other than here, I’m going to stay away from political posts because I abhor the lack of charity that permeates them.  The basic idea behind this was borrowed from Ann Althouse].

Yes, I’m conservative (mostly).  Yes, I’m an Alaskan (despite being in Texas at the moment).  If you think you know how I’m going to vote, you’re probably wrong.

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