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M* Interviews: LDS Film-maker Richard Dutcher

The following is a transcript of a conversation I had yesterday with LDS writer-producer-director-editor-actor Richard Dutcher. Mr. Dutcher spoke very frankly about his excellent new film God’s Army 2: States of Grace, filmmaking, and the state of Mormon cinema. The transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Some of your recent press has referred to you as the “Father of Mormon Cinema.” How does that title feel on you?

Well, I suppose that would have been true at one time, but the father may be leaving the family soon.

You mean you might be charting a new direction now?

Well, I may not really have much choice.

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Become Like God or Rely on Him

Over the last two years, my approach to the Plan of Salvation has evolved quite a bit– in large part due to the thoughts I’ve processed and discussed on LDS blogs. The summary version of my current philosophy goes like this:

Life is not a crucible– it’s a chrysalis. Rather than being simply a test or a proving ground, the purpose of life is to teach us to become Gods.

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Church Ball Trailer Goes Live

Click the title of the post to go to the trailer. Two observations:

1. I laughed. It looks funny. Maybe there are only 60 seconds of funny material in the movie, but that’s something.

2. Somebody back me up here: as the camera pans during the opening prayer, the very first guy you see on the non-uniformed team, very quickly, is the also present on the farm where Napoleon asks “Do the chickens have sharp talons?” Anybody?

(hat tip: A Motley Vision)

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BOMBlogging Alma: The Employment Model of Discipleship

Yes, we’ve been remiss. No BOMBlogging since 1 Nephi, and it’s time to be finishing Alma. Truly sorry, everyone. There are several half-finished posts on the intervening books (you should see the doozy I half-wrote on Jarom, it’s AMAZING!), but I’m ready to just move on to the present.

So, here’s what I’ve learned from reading Alma: Mormon and Alma don’t think we are marionettes on a stage with two competing puppeteers vying for control. (Okay, actually nobody thinks that). What do they think we are? Two huge corporations vying for market share.

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