Why Atheists should be Thankful for Jesus

Recently, Bart Ehrman (New Testament scholar, former fundamentalist and current agnostic) answered an interesting question on his private blog: why would an agnostic be so interested in Christianity and Jesus?  He responded that whether or not Jesus was truly God and resurrected, etc., the role that Christianity has played in history is amazing. Continue reading

Captain America and today’s Gadiantons

Note: There be spoilers here.  Ye have been warned.

In the Marvel comic world a few decades ago, a Civil War broke out among the superheroes.  For the sake of national security, SHIELD (under Tony Stark) has decided that all superheroes should release their true identities, along with other key initiatives that increase security and safety at the cost of individual liberties.  Captain America (Steve Rogers) leads the fight against this, soon turning into a Civil War between superheroes.  When an innocent bystander dies in front of Capt America, he realizes that he cannot continue a battle that would ostensibly kill millions of innocents. So, he surrenders, only to be murdered while in handcuffs. Behind all of this shenanigans is Captain America’s old nemesis from WW2, the Red Skull and his secret organization, Hydra.  They get their name from the mythological Greek monster, where if you cut off its head, two more will grow in its place. Continue reading

April Fools Poll

Two parter here.  Respond in the comments.

1. What is the biggest April Fools prank you have played on someone, or had played on you?

2. Who do you feel qualifies as the April Fool king/queen of the year?