OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson #26: King Solomon: Man of Wisdom, Man of Foolishness

OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson #26: King Solomon: Man of Wisdom, Man of Foolishness
1 King 3, 5-11

Solomon Dedicates Temple

Solomon Slaughters His Enemies
With David growing old, conflict arose between his many sons as to who should replace him. The eldest living son, Adonijah, presumed it should be him. David never dissuaded Adonijah from this presumption. Joab, general of David’s armies, and Abiathar, one of David’s high priests (a descendant of Moses), supported Adonijah in his quest for kingship.

Solomon was supported by David’s other chief priest, Zadok, a descendant of Aaron, several military leaders, and Nathan the Prophet. As well, Bathsheba still held the attention of King David over his other wives. She went to him and encouraged him to accept Solomon as heir to the throne. Nathan followed her in, repeating the need to select Solomon. David agreed and had Zadok and Nathan anoint him king (1 King 1). Continue reading

The Psalms – lesson #25 in the OT Sunday School lessons

This is a post I wrote 4 years ago during the last time we went through the Old Testament in Sunday School.  It has some great stuff on Psalms, and so I wanted to share it with my M-Star friends.  I may post other OT lessons here, as well in the ensuing months. – rameumptom

OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson #25, Let Every Thing That Hath Breath Praise the Lord

The Psalms are composed of temple/tabernacle hymns by David and some of the priests. The Psalms covers so many concepts that not all can be easily done in one lesson. Sadly, when we try to cover the entire Old Testament in a single year, we miss out on some of the best poetry and teachings in the scriptures. And that is what we find in Psalms. Continue reading

Why missionary work isn’t working

Other working titles:
1. Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon Musical
2. And Now a Word from Someone Else’s Sponsors

When I was a missionary 35 years ago, we were excited that President Kimball could announce reaching 30,000 missionaries.  We were also excited to be baptizing 250,000 or more people a year. In fact, we had a couple years that reached 300,000 new converts.

Now in 2014, we are excited to say we now have over 85,000 missionaries – almost 3 times when I was a missionary!  Not only that but we are now baptizing an astonishing….250,000 new converts per year? Continue reading