Zion and the Tree of Life in the Latter Days

I joined the Church in 1975. Back then, much of what was going on in the world and believed by the world matched my new LDS views.  There were issues regarding the new sexuality that pushed against the Church’s stance on chastity, however. Still, most things were kosher between the world and church.

40 years later, we see huge divisions between the world and Church. The chasm between the two have grown large enough that many believers are being forced off the fence. Continue reading

Blair Hodges’s MI Podcast review

Recently, a scholar friend mentioned that during the announcement of the new Joseph Smith Papers Project and seer stone photos, those in attendance were seated in separate groups. Those who were friends of the Maxwell Institute sat on one side of the room, while Mormon Interpreter fans sat on the other side. Those agnostics that did not belong to either camp found themselves uncomfortably sitting in the middle.

As I pondered what he said, and how events that occurred  three years ago are still causing divisions and contention among those LDS scholars that should be leading the way towards unity, I wished for a new beginning for everyone.

Given that many here at Millennial Star are conservatives that squarely sit on the side of the Interpreter, I wish to share with everyone and encourage them to open themselves up to the quality work being done at the Maxwell Institute. For example, its Living Faith series of books is providing a fresh view of the gospel, with excellent books, such as Adam S Miller’s “Letters to a Young Mormon”, and Steven Peck’s upcoming volume, “Evolving Faith” (which I reviewed here).

Today, I’d like to share with you a great series of podcasts that the Maxwell Institute provides.  Hosted by my friend, Blair Hodges, these are a great series of interviews.  Unlike the excellent podcasts at Mormon Interpreter, Blair’s interviews complement MI’s work by providing us interviews from many sources, not just LDS scholars.
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Book Review – “Evolving Faith: Wanderings of a Mormon Biologist”, by Steven L. Peck

Book Review – “Evolving Faith: Wanderings of a Mormon Biologist”, by Steven L. Peck


Maxwell Institute’s newest volume from the Living Faith series is scheduled to be released the end of October 2015.  The author, Steven L. Peck, is an associate professor of biology at BYU and is trained as an entomologist.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book, as it seems the Living Faith series appears to be somewhat eclectic, such as Adam S. Miller’s excellent book, “Letters to a Young Mormon.”  And “Evolving Faith” is an eclectic book, as Peck ranges widely in several essays from science to personal musings on death and nature. Continue reading