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Joyce is a mother, wife, sister, school teacher, Bulgarian speaker, conservative, lover of good music, social media junky and a two time culinary arts Grand Champion bread baker. She and the family reside in a remote mountain community where great discoveries have been made. When not changing the world, she enjoys the occasional bowl of chips and salsa. She can be found at: http://pinterest.com/TheAtomicMom

Christ Teaches in The Temple

Because he lives Tuesday
Each day this week, as part of the Church’s #BecauseHeLives Easter initiative, there will be a new question, meme, and/or video that members can share with their friends. Today is Tuesday of the Holy Week and the question that was shared is,

“On Tuesday, during the last week of His mortal life, Jesus Christ answered questions from accusers and disciples alike. What questions can we find answers to today because He lives? Find out at http://mor.mn/2puvc.”

Last year on my personal blog I did a series of blog posts about the last week of the life of the savior. I wrote the following,

“Jesus Christ taught in the temple on this day, about the Last Days, His Second Coming, and the gospel. I have often wondered how Christ must have felt these last days trying to teach as many people and get them to understand. I’m sure it’s similar to how I felt the last weeks of my mission. I just did not have time to mess around and I worked! I have this memory of my companion and I running from blok to blok trying to share the gospel with whoever would listen to us — which was not many people, but we felt pressed to find as many people and try to teach them.”

One of the things the Savior taught this day is found in Matthew 23: 37-38, which reads, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.”

I don’t want to live in a desolate house, or a place without the Lord and the teachings of God. I also have this image in my mind, when I read this passage, of how very much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us, and want us to follow them. They are waiting right there for us. The question is, will we hearken their call and go? Accepting the invitation of coming unto Christ, is a active choice we make. We choose to follow Him. We choose to take His yoke upon us. We choose to enter into His rest, which is not just sitting around waiting for things to happen, but rather actively participating in the Gospel and actively reaching out to others and inviting them to come with us.

I invite you to find the answers to your questions by following Jesus Christ and learning of Him.

The things Christ taught on this day can be found in the following scriptures:
Matthew 23 & 24
Mark 12 & 13
Luke 20 & 21
John 12

Christ Cleanses the Temple

Because he lives monday

Each day this week, as part of the Church’s #BecauseHeLives Easter initiative, there will be a new question, meme, and/or video that members can share with their friends. Today is Monday of the Holy Week and the question that was shared is,

“How can the events of Monday, during the last week of Jesus Christ’s mortal life, give us strength today? To find out, visit http://mor.mn/2pmnr

Today in our family’s morning “scripture-picture” discussion we talked about how Christ cleansed the temple, and how when we go to the temple we need to prepare to be reverent. My small children had so many questions, “Why were there noisy people at the temple? Why weren’t the people reverent? Was Jesus mad at those people?” I love that my six and three year old sons have these questions. I love the fact that we can sit and discuss them and that they are curious and want to learn about their Savior.

Happy Monday!

LDS Social Media: Sharing Conference and #BecauseHeLives

April General Conference is just a day away. The Women’s Session will start things off Saturday, March 28th, at 6pm mountain time. All women and girls age 8 and up are invited to attend. The Session will be broadcast to stake centers and/or local unit buildings. You can also watch on LDS.org, MormonChannel.org, BYUtv.org, and YouTube.com.

Are you planning to share General Conference online? I love the gathering of LDS people on social media during Conference. It’s such an exciting time to be alive and a member of the Church. One thing I will mention that always makes me roll my eyes a bit is when people apologize for sharing the messages of Conference on social media. STOP! Just stop! Share Conference without apology!

This week a friend exclaimed on her Facebook page that she did not “get” hashtags, and therefore felt old (even though she is not even 30). A hashtag is a short one or two word description that allows you to find other posts on the topic. If you click on a hashtag on social media, you will be taken to a live feed of all the posts with that tag. And a word about whole sentence hashtags, just please stop with those.

Here are some helpful hashtags to use when sharing General Conference online:

#TwitterStake (if you’re on Twitter)

The Church will release its new Easter initiative, #BecauseHeLives, on Saturday, March 28th as well. This video is powerful and beautiful. Share it with the #BecauseHeLives hashtag during this Holy Week, and this Easter season.

General Conference also falls on Easter this year. I love it when this happens. This happy confluence always seems to bring even more of the spirit to General Conference.

We hope you enjoy Conference. Make sure to come back here to The Millennial Star to talk about what you’ve learned.

When the temple helps, part 3: 20 years of temple work

This is the third post in an on-going series about how the temple helps and blesses the lives of Latter-day Saints. Millennial Star contributor, Daniel O’s first two installments are here:

When the temple helps
When the temple helps, part 2

We invite readers of The Millennial Star to submit their experiences of how the temple has helped and blessed their lives. Please see the “Submit A Guest Post” tab on the top for more information.

This installment is by Millennial Star regular, Joyce Anderson.

Mesa temple front side viewThis week I celebrated 20 years as an endowed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1995, I entered the temple to receive my endowment as preparation for a full time mission to Bulgaria. I had no idea really of what to expect, other that I would be making sacred and important covenants with my Father in Heaven, and that I was making a very important, and big step in my progress as a Latter-day Saint. I had looked forward to going to the temple for myself for many years, but I had really desired it from the time I was about 19 years old.

Late on a February afternoon, I entered the Mesa Temple with my mom to receive my own endowment. I remember wearing a pink floral dress and that I had chapped lips from being so nervous. The Matron of the temple came out to the recorder’s office and took me back to the women’s area to begin my temple instruction. The Matron introduced me to Sister Crandell, who was going to be with me that day. Years later, Sister Crandell was speaking at a Stake Conference for young single adults. After the meeting I went up to her to introduce myself. She, of course, did not remember me, but I remembered her. I thanked her for taking me that day and helping me as I went thru the temple for the first time. As we spoke there was pure joy in her face. She told me she was to glad I had come up and talked to her, because her time as a temple worker had been her favorite calling in the Church. It was a special moment, provided to both of us because of the temple. Continue reading

Digital Scarlet Letters

scarlett letterI think we can all agree social media is a good thing, when used the right way. I know I have been able to reconnect with lost friends, and as much as facebook makes me crazy, it is the only way I know what is going on with my family most of the time.

Despite all of the good on the internet, there are some downfalls, and pitfalls. The example I give today is about a woman named Justine Sacco. Ms. Sacco was a PR director for a firm that did humanitarian work. One day she tweeted out a “joke”, and then got on an airplane for 11 hours. During that time, her “joke,” which really wasn’t very funny, or even a joke, really, broke the internet (at least for that week), and created a public furor which left her without a job, and a ruined reputation.

To read the full story click HERE.

The author of the article interviewed Ms. Sacco and the man who created the fury surrounding her bad tweet, Sam Biddle. In an ironic twist of events, Sam Biddle had his own fury from something he said online too, and although his reputation did not suffer as much as Ms. Sacco, he still had his walk in the social media hall of shame.

After reading the article, another friend commented that these public shamings, pile-ons and furies were like the Scarlet Letter of our day. Because someone said something stupid, and thoughtless, they were branded for life, they lost their job, and their reputation was ruined. Continue reading