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How to Watch #LDSConf

General Conference starts on Saturday morning here’s how to watch:

The Mormon Channel on Youtube
BYU Radio, from their website and their app
BYU Radio on SiriusXM, Ch 143

If you want to connect with other Latter-day Saints during the Conference, use and follow hashtags on social media. Some common hashtags to use are:

#LDSConf is the most popular and common. You can also use the name of the speaker, for example, #PresNelson or #SisterOscarson. You can click on a hashtag to see what others who are using that hashtag are saying, or you can use a service like Twubs.com to follow along in real time (it’s very fast!).

Or you can just unplug, grab your journal and take notes on your own. I love taking notes during Conference and then going back to those notes to see what impressed me in the moment.

The Church usually has the audio available for download shortly after each session ends, with the transcripts coming later in the week. Also, you will probably see lots of LDS sites and facebook pages sharing memes (or picture quotes, as they are called on LDS.org). The Church has these in their media library HERE.

We hope you enjoy General Conference and come back to share your feelings with us here on The Millennial Star. Also, if you have not come over to Facebook and liked our Facebook page, please do. When you do that, make sure to click on the “Following” button and then choose, “See First” to see our posts.

#BecauseOfHim & Preparing for Easter General Conference

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week for the Christian world. There is so much to think about and to contemplate as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I served my mission in Bulgaria. On Easter morning, or Velik Den — the Great Day, in Bulgarian, the Bulgarians go to church and greet each other by saying, “Christ has Risen!” The person then answers back, “Indeed, He truly has risen!” I love greeting my ward friends this way on Easter morning — they’re slowly joining the tradition with me.

This year the Church is promoting the #BecauseOfHim media campaign. You can go to Mormon.org/easter to find videos, pictures, and insights to read and then share with your family and friends. The focus with the campaign this year is, “How will you change, #BecauseOfHim?” That question has so many possibilities for each of us as individuals, in our families and in our communities. It’s safe to say that in most corners of society there is division and strife. We can help to eliminate that strife in our own spheres of influence by learning about our Savior, and then using His patterns of behavior and interactions with people, in our behavior and interactions with others.

We also have the great opportunity this Easter to hear from the leaders of the Church this weekend during General Conference. We also will have the opportunity to participate in a solemn assembly to sustain Pres. Russell M. Nelson as the new president of the church. We will also be able to sustain two new members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, in addition to the other apostles, and church leaders. A week ago I posted a meme on The Millennial Star’s Facebook page with a quote from Elder Uchtdorf which said, “Whatever we seek, that we will surely find.” I think it’s really easy to find voices critical of the church online at this point — too easy. Those voices seem to dominate the narrative about Mormons in the media and in the general chatter that exists in social media. My hope is that we will reject these voices and look toward, and listen to the leaders of the church for guidance and for the answers to our questions and prayers. If we approach General Conference with questions, the Lord will provide the answers in the talks, from the mouths of His called and chosen servants. Let’s listen to them. Let’s hearken to their words, and then go and do the things the Lord commands for the next six months.

Were Elder Uchtdorf and Pres. Eyring Demoted?

It’s always interesting to me to see reactions to changes in the church. Yesterday’s announcement of the new First Presidency was another milestone event for members of the church. As the day progressed I searched out and read the reactions of other people. Thankfully I saw more expressions of gladness and gratitude than of murmuring and disagreement — although those were out there.

One of the complaints/speculations I read had to do with Elder Uchtdorf resuming his place in the Quorum of the 12. The accusation was that he was demoted. One person speculated the reason for this was that Elder Uchtdorf and Pres. Nelson didn’t get along and had philosophical disagreements and that this was a punishment for Elder Uchtdorf — a sort of “bad dog” moment, if you will. No, The 12 are unanimous in their decisions and work. They bore that testimony many times yesterday and in the past as well. Continue reading

Russell M. Nelson Called as 17th President of the Church

If you missed this morning’s announcement about the newly organized First Presidency, you can watch the video below. The First Presidency announcement starts at the 52 minute mark and the press conference, which began at 10am this morning starts at the 1:51 (one hour, fifty-one) minute mark.

President Russell M. Nelson was called and set apart on Sunday as the 17th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dallin H. Oaks has been called as the First Councelor and Henry B. Eyring has been called as the Second Councelor. Elder M. Russell Ballard has been called to be the acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve.

Elder Christofferson conducted the meeting and took a few minutes to explain the process of how the new president is chosen and how things are organized, he also bore his testimony of the meeting, “As a participant, it was sweet, sacred experience in which the Lord’s will was clearly manifest and all were in full accord. This experience confirmed once again that Jesus Christ directs His church.”

He also explained that by choosing the senior most apostle to be the president of the church, posturing or campaigning for position is eliminated, that this process provides continuity and that the one who becomes the new president has been prepared for this calling. He also quoted Elder John A. Widtsoe, “This is a wise procedure. It places at the head of the church the apostle who has been the longest in service. He is known well to the people and trusted by them. He himself knows the procedure of church affairs. He is no novice to be trained for the position.”

My thoughts… Continue reading