About Geoff B.

Geoff B has had three main careers. Some of them have overlapped. After attending Stanford University (class of 1985), he worked in journalism for several years until about 1992, when he took up his second career in telecommunications sales. In 1995, he took up his favorite and third career as father. Soon thereafter, Heavenly Father hit him over the head with a two-by-four (wielded by the Holy Ghost) and he woke up from a long sleep. Since then, he's been learning a lot about the Gospel. He still has a lot to learn. Geoff's held several Church callings: young men's president, high priest group leader, member of the bishopric, stake director of public affairs, media specialist for church public affairs, high councilman. He tries his best in his callings but usually falls short. Geoff has five children and lives in Colorado.

April 2015 Conference: Sunday morning session

Pres. Eyring conducts
Pres. Monson presides

MoTab Choir sings: “He Is Risen.”

Invocation: Sister Linda S. Reeves

Choir: “Consider the Lilies.”

President Monson

Seven years since he was sustained as president of the Church. Dedicates and re-dedicates temples. The building of temples is a clear indication of the growth of the Church. 144 temples, five renovated, 13 under construction. This year re-dedicating two temples, and five new temples.

Three new temples:

Ivory Coast
Bangkok Thailand

Told story of a troubled missionary. Went to the temple, went to the Celestial Room. Another RM approached him, told him about his own mission. Had enthusiasm for his mission. Landon had served in the same mission. The troubled missionary was helped because of prayer and faith.

“In the temple we can find peace.”

He and his wife will be together again.

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April 2015 General Conference: Priesthood session

Pres. Monson presides
Pres. Uchtdorf conducts

BYU Choir sings: “For the Strength of the Hills.”

Invocation: David L. Beck of the YM

Choir sings: “On This Day of Joy and Gladness.”

Elder Ballard

We need the greatest generation of missionaries in the history of the Church. World is more challenging. Young people have many more distractions. Technology has expanded and almost everyone has access to handheld devices for good and ill.

I speak to missionaries now serving, future missionaries, returned missionaries and all single adults.

Interviewed by bishops and stake presidents. You may not be interviewed by a GA. But a member of the Quorum of the 12 assigns every missionary to a specific mission. Your photograph comes up on a computer screen together with specific information. We review your answers to the missionary recommendation questions. For that moment, it seems like you are responding to us. Then we assign you. It is not the same as a face to face interview, but it is close.

We also do videoconferencing.

We need your whole heart and soul. We need young adults who are willing to listen to the Spirit. It is time to raise the bar for your entire generation.

Answer these questions:

–Do you read the scriptures?
–Do you kneel in prayer?
–Do you fast and donate a fast offering each month?
–Do you think deeply about the Savior during the Sacrament?
–Do you try to keep the Sabbath day holy?
–Are you honest at home, church and work?
–Do you avoid looking at pornography and photos that might embarrass you?
–Are you careful with your time? (Avoid Tinder and Snapchat).
–Is there anything in your life you need to change and fix beginning tonight?

Please courageously repent if you are lacking anything in these areas.

Additional counsel: RM does not mean retired Mormon. Do things of your own free will. Visit people who are lonely, sick and discouraged. Continue to learn and grow and receive inspiration.

Four new courses in Institute. Young Single Adults need to date and marry. Don’t text, use your own voice to introduce yourself. To actually hear a voice may shock her, perhaps into saying yes.
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Pres Obama meets with Church leaders in Utah, Pres Monson skips meeting to preserve his strength for Conference

obama and Church leaders

President Obama made his first trip ever as president to Utah on Thursday. He met with Church leaders and local politicians, but not with President Monson, who is preserving his strength for General Conference

From the Deseret News:

Traffic was cleared before Obama’s motorcade made its way from Hill onto I-15, diverting onto Legacy Parkway and winding back to downtown Salt Lake City just before 9:15 p.m.

Obama met with LDS Church leaders at the hotel, including President Henry B. Eyring and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of First Presidency, and Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz said they were expected to talk about the church’s long record of service, including its work on disaster relief and other humanitarian issues, and the need to fix the nation’s broken immigration system.

The leaders were also to discuss the need to forge more common ground across differences and to promote service to neighbors, both in the United States and around the world.

LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson did not attend the meeting.

“Because of the need to preserve his strength for this weekend’s general conference, it was felt that the logistics of meeting away from church offices, with the walking and the waiting periods associated with a presidential visit, would regrettably not be conducive to President Monson’s participation,” said church spokesman Eric Hawkins.

Hawkins said President Monson remembers fondly his visit to the White House to present Obama with his personal family history in 2009.

President Obama has visited many “red states” in the last few months, and this was his first time in Utah as president.

To see the history of presidential visits to Utah, see this.

Harry Reid justifies lying about Mitt’s taxes: “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

I wish this were an April Fool’s joke, but it is not.

Harry Reid, a Latter-day Saint, has no regrets about lying about Mitt Romney not paying taxes because his fellow Democrat won the presidency in 2012.

Here is what Harry Reid said:

CNN’s Dana Bash asked the then-Senate majority leader about his 2012 remark that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 12 years.

“So no regrets about Mitt Romney, about the Koch brothers, because people have even called it McCarthyite,” Bash asked.

“Well, they can call it whatever they want,” Reid said. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

So, according to Harry Reid’s moral compass, you can lie about anything, including who should be the president of the United States, as long as you win.

How can LDS parents possibly point to this sad, pathetic man as an example for anything positive when he justifies lying as long as you get what you want?

The embarrassment that is Harry Reid just became a shameful example of all that is wrong with America today. When Mormons look back on Harry Reid’s tenure, they will see a man who refused to repent about bearing false witness, a man who reveled in his dishonesty because he achieved worldly gains.

As Megyn Kelly said last night, it is just disgusting.