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Dear Bloggernacle: You Are Gross

My blogging here has been light of late, and my perusal of other sights even lighter. I could give you any number of reasons for this, many of which would be partially true; however, in reality, it all boils down to the rising nausea I feel whenever I think about the Bloggernacle. This sickening feeling is made even worse by the fact that many of the things that gross me out the most about the Bloggernacle are things that I’ve done, felt, or been a part of. So, before you start typing your accusations of hypocrisy, I’ll beat you to it and plead guilty.

Some of you have probably seen the American version of “The Office” on NBC. In one episode, the sycophantic and power-hungry Dwight is given the task of overseeing the weekend work calendar. Dwight immediately lords his new-found power over his co-workers, one of whom remarks, “I’ve never seen such a small amount of power go to someone’s head.” This remark perfectly sums up what I find so nauseating about the Bloggernacle. Let me explain.

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Mormons in the News

The debate over creationism in Utah makes the Times. You see, when you live in New York, you can say, “the Times,” without worrying that people won’t know which Times you are talking about. It’s awesome to be able to do it.

Anyway, here’s the article.

Two thoughts:

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Let’s say you’re out running, or walking, or whatever, and you get hit by a car. Let’s also say you’re injured quite badly. Fortunately for you, the car that hit you also happens to be an ambulance. The EMTs are able to attend to your immediate needs and whisk you to a nearby hospital. The doctors at the hospital tell you that if the car that hit you hadn’t been an ambulance you would have certainly died.

As you are saying your prayers that night, what do you say to God about the accident?

PS: There is no right answer, nor am I trying to trick you into saying, or not saying, something. Just tell me what you honestly think you would say to God about it.

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