Is Harry Reid a Hypocrite on the FLDS?

Harry ReidThere was an interesting show on this morning on KSL. They had an interview with Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader, on the FLDS situation. Reid blasted the Attorney Generals of Utah and Arizona for not doing more about the FLDS.

I’d put up the link to the interview but unfortunately KSL doesn’t have up just the interview. However this morning at 10:00 they replayed the interview and then had some responses by Mark Shurtleff and a few others. They have put that up as a podcast. It’s about 5 minutes into the show. Listen and give your view.

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FLDS, Texas and Double Standards

I don’t want to talk about the actions of the Texas police. I’ve made my opinion known on the various other posts elsewhere. Basically I just don’t think we have the facts one way or the other. There’s way too much uninformed speculation by all sides in the matter. And once again the media shows that they are about sensationalism and not news.

Having said that though I want to ask the question of double standards.

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Fun with Genealogy: Billy the Kid and the Mormons

Billy BonneySo here’s where I give you all a break from conference discussions to talk genealogy. I figured I’d try and join the trendy “Mormon history” posters and do an interesting story from history many of you might not know. The story of Billie the Kid and the Mormons. And, this being genealogy, how it relates to me. Now I should add this is how the genealogy has been related to me. There is a lot that still seems muddled though.
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