There’s been a lot of talk over Martin Luther King day about equality. While we may be unable to really define what we mean by equality fully, I think we all have a sense that some situations are more equal than other. My personal belief is that, outside of a Ayn Rand fans, most people actually think equality is something to aim for. Where I think we disagree is over the question of force to bring it about and the question of what is the best way to actually improve the equality of our nation.

In the BCC discussion one thing I pointed out is that many on all sides tend to adopt rather superficial approaches to the problem. It is one thing to raise awareness about inequality. Yet it is quite an other to actually successfully change the situation.

So how do we change things?

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The Mysterious No-Mask Rule

44F32E34-4B3A-4644-BD3D-EE011C27CA3B.jpgSo my ward, like probably most of yours, had our ward Halloween party this week. Likewise my ward, like I suspect most of yours, had a no-mask rule in effect. This caused some challenge for us as our son had an off the shelf Optimus Prime costume. And let’s be honest. The mask is a lot of it. We got creative and painted something like an Optimus Prime face on him. He was happy as could be and didn’t mind.

It got me to thinking though. What is the basis for this mask rule? While I can fully understand not wanting masks on teenagers to ensure you know who is at parties, the no mask rule for younger children never made any sense. Looking around I can’t see any high level Church rule for it. Yet nearly every ward enforces it.

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Whither Government Medical Insurance?

I consider myself a politically conservative guy. Yes, I’m rather upset at the conservative movement right now. But that’s because it seems more about inner loyalty than any kind of expansion of the movement. That is people preach to the choir and look for dissent rather than making compelling arguments that will bring more people into the movement. The level of argument is often pretty frightening in its superficiality at the moment.

Case in point: medical insurance.

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How Often the Temple

How often can you realistically make it to the temple? Back when I was single I pulled off nearly six months of once a week. (I missed a week here or there) But that was ridiculously hard. Honestly once a month is pretty impressive IMO. Especially if you are married with kids. The problem is that, as I figure it, you have to put aside about a four hour block. And that doesn’t include the time to get ready. That’s hard.

My wife wanted to go weekly but I’m just not sure that’s realistic. I told her instead to try bi-weekly although even that is hard. (My goal is monthly)

I do think that realistically the only way to go consistently is to go individually rather than as a couple. I had some neighbors tell me this in the first year of our marriage. I didn’t believe them. Now I’ve become more of a believer.

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What To Make of the Word of Wisdom

I usually go to Gospel Essentials rather than Gospel Doctrine just because the way reading through the scriptures is typically done in most wards doesn’t excite me much. (There’s the usual assumption that no one read the reading assignment. Ever in their life. Then there’s the idea that everyone needs help figuring out what you should have figured out by doing the reading assignment.) Gospel Essentials is just more interesting to me.

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