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LDS Chaplains in Iraq

This is not a political post, so don’t even think about it.

I know two LDS chaplains currently serving in Iraq, who both went through the Divinity School at the University of Chicago.

One hosts a blog, trying to make people aware of the daily events and things that don’t tend to make the news. Check it out, and remember to include them in your prayers.

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GD Lesson 47-The Prayer of Ezra and Humility

(Originally posted 4-19-05)

Ezra lived in the Israelite “post-apocalyptic” period. The glorious kingdom was gone, the city of Jerusalem and its Temple destroyed, the Davidic line lost, God’s chosen people had been hauled to Babylon, and only a small remnant returned to try to rebuild the Temple. Ezra believed that these events were to due Israelite infidelity to the covenants they had made. Setting aside what those commandments were, Ezra’s prayer in chapter 9 strikes me as a model of how we should come before the Lord “with fear and trembling.”

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I give out writing advice. Bloggernacle begins laughing.

Click on the link. On the other end of that link resides a newspaper column from the October 10, 2006 Daily Texan (the student newspaper of UT-Austin).

I should probably follow my own writing advice more. But, if avoiding the passive voice in your own writing interests you, you might enjoy it.

Or you might think of my many half dashed off (and barely comprehensible) blog posts and comments and decide to stay far away from any writing advice that would spill from my pen (or keyboard).

Whatever makes you happy.

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