About Bryce Haymond

Bryce grew up in Sandy, Utah, where he attended Jordan High School. He served a mission to the El Salvador San Salvador East mission, including eight months as mission financial secretary. Bryce graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 in Industrial Design and a minor in Ballroom Dance. He loves all things Nibley and the temple, and is the founder of TempleStudy.com, and also blogs at BlackpoolCreative.com. Recently Bryce joined the Executive Board of The Interpreter Foundation, where he serves as a designer and technologist. Bryce has served in numerous Church callings including ward sunday school president, first counselor in the bishopric, and currently as temple and family history instructor. He is a Product Manager and Design Director at HandStands in Salt Lake City, and lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with his beautiful wife, three children, and another on the way!

The Growth of the Church Today and in the Future

In a few weeks lesson #9 in Gospel Doctrine focuses on the organization of the Church. While I was studying this lesson for an upcoming Interpreter Scripture Roundtable, I did a quick napkin calculation of the Church’s growth. At a current modest 2.5% growth rate, the LDS Church could have over 33 million members in 30 years, more than doubling the number today, and adding almost 1 million members per year at that point. Reflecting back, it took 117 years to reach just 1 million members total in 1947. The Church has added nearly 10 million just since I was born in 1981, an increase of almost 300%, or a 3 fold increase. For members in their 60s, they’ve seen over 10 fold growth since their birth, and those in their 80s, over 20 fold growth. See the charts I made below: Continue reading

Is Sacrament Meeting Broken?

I have attended some exceptionally inspiring sacrament meetings.  In fact, just this past Sunday we attended my brother’s ward for their baby’s blessing, and the ward presented a fantastic meeting of speakers and musical numbers from a special needs youth group in the Salt Lake City area.  I was near tears at the end because of the Spirit present.

Unfortunately, those kinds of meetings seem to me to be the exception.  I have wondered if sacrament meetings are broken most of the time.  Consider this from marketer Seth Godin, from his blog today: Continue reading

Air Harvesting Law Proposition and Petition

I’m going to start a petition for an air harvesting law. I mean, really, it’s completely unfair that some people breathe more than I do. They are using inordinate amounts of this precious, limited, natural resource, and I will have none of it. I mean, how can we live in an egalitarian fair society if my neighbor breathes more air than me? We should have an equal share, every one.   Continue reading

Jesus Did Exist

Going along with some of the things we discussed on the finances thread about faith, evidences, proof, Jesus and the resurrection, comes this piece by Daniel C. Peterson in the Deseret News entitled “An agnostic’s argument that Jesus did exist.”

Beyond doubting the literal resurrection of Christ, there are some that go so far as to disbelieve that Jesus ever even lived.  Was there really a historical person by that name that walked the land of Judea, and did the things that people generally reported he did?  Or is he a mythic figure created by a forlorn generation desperately seeking the Messiah?   Continue reading

The Blessings of an Assignment

In church we often hear the questions, “Are there any volunteers for the canning on Friday?”  “Can I get a volunteer for the prayer?”  “Who would like to do this service on Tuesday night?”  “We need five people to go help with this move Saturday morning at 7:00.  By raise of hands, who would like to do that?”  While this way of asking for service may have its merits, I believe there is a far better way that yields much greater blessings to more members and others.  It is found in the assignment. Continue reading