All Things Denote There Is A God

All things denote there is a God. The brutality and suffering and waste and beauty and peace and dynamic order of Nature are all signposts to God’s being.

C.S. Lewis did not make up Aslan the Lion as a Christ figure out of whole cloth. From ancient times the lion had been a symbol of lordship and power and, even, specifically, of Christ, who is the Lion of Judah. The lion also represents terror and horror, and in this aspect the lion also symbolizes Christ and the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom.

Seeing lions as symbols of Christ opens up new meaning in old scripture stories. Take Daniel in the lions’ den. The message now is that if we cry to God for help He will stop even his own mouth.

Christ is also symbolized by the snake. Yet he promises the apostles that they will take up serpents without hurt. The fierce omnipotence of God is made harmless by belief.

Scripture and tradition give is the Millennium image of the lion laying down with the lamb. This represents peace. But the lion and the lamb are also boty symbols of Christ. So the image also tells us that the Millennium is the time when Christ work is finished, when justice and mercy are reconciled, and when all His purposes and attributes are fulfilled within one great whole.

Christ is also symbolized by a goat. Could it be that the sheep and goats of which Matthew speaks are those who have taken on Christ’s identity in following him (the lambs) and those of whom Christ has taken their identity, or at least their sins, as a scapegoat?

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