A story of faith and sacrifice

I wanted to bring to readers’ attentions an incredible story of faith and sacrifice by a brother in California. To sum up, his stake president asked him and his family to contribute a large amount of money to the Prop. 8 campaign. He questioned whether it was the right thing to do because of other demands in his life. His faith was tested, he responded, and he was blessed. The scoffers and haters have already added their comments on his thread — I would like to laud this incredible story of faith and sacrifice.

Saints in other generations have been tested in various ways. They were asked to give one-tenth of their time to build temples, they were asked to help Joseph Smith’s presidential campaign, they were told to accept polygamy, they were told to go settle barren areas of the desert. And on and on. Our sacrifices today seem smaller and less difficult, but in the grand scheme of things they are not. Heroic acts of self-control and love and charity happen all of the time all around us. It is especially controversial to say that the Prop. 8 effort is heroic by itself, but I will say that it would not be a test if it were easy. Given today’s political environment, it is especially difficult to act in a way that will involve widespread condemnation and disapproval by the more intolerant among us. That is why it is called a test of faith, folks.

If you would like to comment, I would ask you to please go to David’s thread and comment there. Please offer him love and support during this time. Thank you.

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